Seasonal Preventive Maintenance

Bi-yearly preventive maintenance cleanings are a good investment for every home owner. Before the chill of the autumn comes, you should schedule your fall preventive maintenance cleaning for your Heat Pumps , Gas Furnaces , Gas Boilers , or Oil Furnaces & Boilers . Preventive maintenance cleanings keep your heating and air conditioning systems running more efficiently. Without these cleanings heating and air conditioning systems can wear themselves out. When HVAC systems wear out, they have the potential of pumping carbon monoxide into your home. They also have more problems and a greater expectation of breakdowns and failures.

  • Heating & A/C Technicians

Heating and air conditioning technicians are qualified to properly clean and inspect your HVAC systems. We recommend Bi-yearly preventive maintenance cleaning be performed on all HVAC systems . Donnelly Heating and Air Conditioning services and installs the following brands; American Standard, Luxaire, Goodman, Lennox, Crown, Weil-McLain, Columbia and Mitsubishi Ductless Systems. The heating elements are cleaned in the fall and air conditioning elements are cleaned in the spring.

  • Servicing Boilers & Furnaces

The most extensive Preventive Maintenance cleanings are done on Oil Boiler and Oil Furnaces. Oil can cause compulsion causing them to become dirtier. Basic cleanings for Gas or Propane are similar; in both systems the fuel mixes with air and ignites, heating the steel chamber. This creates the fresh filtered air that will then blow outside the hot chamber and into the heating ducts. When you see home with radiators they have boilers that heat hot water rather than air.

Although heating and air conditioning systems vary, the preventive maintenance cleanings are similar. All HVAC systems vent the dangerous exhaust out a chimney or flue.

  • Changing Filters

Every home owner should have the filters their HVAC system. HVAC filters vary, however standard HVAC filters need to be changed or cleaned (if they are washable) at the minimum of every two months. Living situations, HVAC sizes and spaces are varied, effecting whether you may or may not need to change your filters more often.

Heating and air conditioning is an essential part of everyday living. Therefore remember the importance of having your heating and air conditioning professionals preform Preventive Maintenance cleaning on them Bi-yearly. Contact Donnelly Heating and Air Conditioning at 610-399-1998. Our family owned business is located in West Chester PA. We are dedicated to servicing Chester County area.