I will definitely recommend your company.

June 12, 2014

Hi Tom,

Thank you for doing such a good job in installing my A/C. I was troubled that I never received the hard copy of the contract, but it did come in the mail. It was a few days after the job was completed, but it was postmarked before you began. You assumed I had received it, and I assumed you never sent it. I was surprised by the enormous size of the vents and unit in the attic, unprepared for how much space it would take up. I am actually writing to tell you that Lou was amazing. He worked hard, often alone, and put a full day of effort in. He asked if I had any questions each day. He managed to get the duct through the eave into the kitchen. He was very proud of his work, and he should be, he said he took pictures of the upstairs work because he thought it looked so good. He even raised the vents up to the ceiling to give me better access to the attic I showed my son in law who has seen many jobs and he was impressed with Lou’s work. During his time cutting the ceiling openings he was quick to vacuum and clean up.

I will definitely recommend your company. Please tell Lou that I value the effort and professional job he did. I think it would have been more comfortable with a plan of where vents might go, how huge the unit was and if the guys were more informed of the floor plan of the house. I think they came in ”cold” and created a plan after stopping for materials and then seeing the house. I was told, by John, the outside unit would be in another corner and that the upstairs unit would also be in the opposite corner. I had no idea where the pipes would come out of the house until I saw them. I hope that this note is helpful.

Again, thank you. My best to Lou, John and Mo.
Reggie M.