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Air Conditioning Installation and Service - West Chester PA

The summer heat in West Chester is difficult to deal with as a home owner. How do Air Conditioners keep the air cool when it is hot? It’s important to know what needs to be done to maintain them so that they don’t fail during critical times in the summer.

Central air conditioners are your best safe guard against the heat.

Air conditioners have three components that work together to cool the air.

Those are the condenser, blower, and ductwork. This is how they function together to produce cool air.

  1. The condenser is the box located outside. It regulates the thermal reading of the refrigerant, often Freon. It then pressurizes the Freon Gas, transforming it into high temperature liquid.
  2. The blower motor is located inside the home. Freon is a high temperature liquid that the blower motor takes over turning it back into a liquid gas that’s much cooler
  3. The ductwork and coil are located in the house. The blower motor pushes that gas through the ductwork and when it passes over the coil it cools. The cool air in the ductwork is then distributed throughout the home thought the vents.

What should I do to make sure that my air conditioner running efficiently?

  1. It is important to have your heating and air conditioning company preform Bi yearly Preventive Maintence cleanings and your Heating and Air conditioning systems. We recommend that the Air Conditioning Preventive Maintence cleaning be performed in the spring or early summer. It is important to get this done before it gets too hot
  2. When the intense heat strikes this will better assure that your air conditioner is working well.

Do you own your home in West Chester and Chester County PA? What should I do at home between the Preventive Maintenance Cleanings?

  1. Check, clean and change your filters monthly keeping a clean filter allows for the highest level of air flow.
  2. Inspect for any water damage. Periodically check the drain or drip pan, located beneath the unit for excess water.
  3. Keep the outdoor unit clear of any obstacles

There needs to be enough space around the unit ass necessary for proper air flow

  1. Maintain the ductwork keep the ductwork clean
  2. Have a working thermostat

What should I do when experiencing a problem with my heating and air conditioning system?

When experiencing a problem with your air conditioner or heater system you should always call an AC repair expert. Let them know what going on with the system. Have them complete a diagnostic evaluation on the system to figure out what the problem is. Then have that same company repair the problem if it is possible. Donnelly Heating and Cooling has been providing these services to the West Chester area for over 30 years.

What should I do if I want to replace my existing Heating and Air Conditioning?

Use a well-established heating and air conditioning companies will come out to give you a free estimate on replacing the system. You should get three proposed estimates before choosing the company you’ll be working with. Most companies have a variety of equipment they can offer for installations so ask them what brands of equipment they install before choosing what you want.

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